first company to successfully
breed horseshoe crabs year-round

Horseshoe crabs have a variety of highly useful, incredibly valuable proteins within their eggs. Being able to produce eggs in captivity, as needed means that these proteins are now more accessible than ever. Check out some of the potential uses below.

Cancer treatments and vaccines

Companies like Immudicon and StemCentrx are using proteins similar to those in horseshoe crab eggs to create new treatments and even vacines for cancer.

Grown-to-order organs, cells and tissues

Our proteins are proven media for growing cells and even helping organ cells differentiate such as those found in the brain, heart and pancreas. Producing individualized organs and tissues for patients is a medical game-changer, and would disrupt the way organ transplants currently happen.

Anti-Aging and Longevity

In addition to cancer and tissue solutions, the proteins within horseshoe crab eggs have been linked to helping the body combat aging, including an increase in telomerase production in human cells.

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